Milk The Disgusting Filth Out Venus Girls Video

STEP-MOMMIE IS NOT GOING TO LET HIM GO OUT WITH ANY MAN FILTH INSIDE HIS BALLS. You see Mommie reads all of Juniors e-mails. She found out that he is going to have a date with Denise and SHE is going to ruin any chance he has of getting any. He has to prove himself for Mommie, if she is going to let him go out. With him in Chastity she makes him worship her Beautiful Breasts. He has to take Mommies panties off and worship her ass. "The only Ass that you Worship, the only Ass you can ever touch, IS MOMMIES ASS.' You do not touch Denise's Ass, or Pussy or Tits!" She puts her panties in his mouth, takes his Chastity cage off, and starts to torment his pathetic cock.

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